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Our school TheDOJO is located at 52 Park Avenue in Rutherford NJ 07070 USA (Get Directions to TheDOJO HERE Google Maps). We are right next door to Dunkin' Donuts & Across The Street from The Williams Center. 

We teach young people, teens & adults —and we do it as good (and we think better) than anyone in town. We unleash human potential through our lessons in the martial arts.  On this website you’ll see just enough information to give you an idea of what we do —and the next step is to drop in or phone us, send us a note and feel free to ask us any questions we might not have yet answered.  Your first month with us is free to try it out, while we see if you qualify for membership.  Find out more by clicking on "Info" in the Menu Bar or an image above.

The step after that is to either come watch a class and/or make an appointment for our Free Month Introductory Course. Once you and your child have gone through our introductory (like test-driving a car), you’ll know just about everything you need to know about us, including who is teaching, what’s being taught, and how much to budget for lessons. 

If you are Ready to Get Started, then to your Right Click the Ready to Get Started Link - Complete the questionnaire and we will contact you shortly.  If you are not Ready to get started now - Parents, stay informed with articles on safety & life lessons for children.  Simply subscribe to your right under "Don't Miss a Thing" by entering your email.

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Sensei Dan Rominski


Owner/Chief Instructor

Martial Arts Educator  

5th Degree Black Belt