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How TheDOJO Toy Drive Raised 230 Toys Last Year for Toys for Tots   -Are you ready to do it again?

Scroll down to see pictures of TheDOJO Toy Drive and How to donate,                                                                             other info on teaching leadership at TheDOJO

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Our school TheDOJO is located at 52 Park Avenue in Rutherford NJ 07070 USA (Get Directions to TheDOJO HERE Google Maps). We are right next door to Dunkin' Donuts & Across The Street from The Williams Center. 

We teach young people, teens & adults —and we do it as good (and we think better) than anyone in town. We unleash human potential through our lessons in the martial arts.  On this website you’ll see just enough information to give you an idea of what we do —and the next step is to drop in or phone us, send us a note and feel free to ask us any questions we might not have yet answered.  Your first month with us is free to try it out, while we see if you qualify for membership.  Find out more by clicking on "Info" in the Menu Bar or an image above.

The step after that is to either come watch a class and/or make an appointment for our Free Month Introductory Course. Once you and your child have gone through our introductory (like test-driving a car), you’ll know just about everything you need to know about us, including who is teaching, what’s being taught, and how much to budget for lessons. 

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Sensei Dan Rominski


Owner/Chief Instructor

Martial Arts Educator  

5th Degree Black Belt

How TheDOJO Toy Drive Raised 230 Toys Last Year for Toys for Tots   -Are you ready to do it again?

Make up your Mind to Make a Difference

We’ve made up our mind to make a difference and unleashing human potential is our mission.  Here’s how we do it…The Philanthropy of TheDOJO through Project Based Leadership Training.  If someone is looking to make a difference in our world a simple start is performing an act of kindness for a child (most likely it will be remember throughout their life).  Donate a toy with us this holiday season, see how below.

20,000 Smiles 

Last year TheDOJO Toy Drive raised 230 toys for Toys for Tots, a military organization who distributes the toys to children who are without.  Last year 20,000 toys were handed out, that equates to 20,000 smiles of children.  What better way to instill a sense of hope in a child’s heart than through compassion?  Toys for Tots also donates, all throughout the year, toys to children in our locality that are victims of disasters such as storms and house fires.

Guilt Free Gift Giving

The Day before Thanksgiving I took our 4 year old twins to the grocery store where they selected two grocery bags worth of food we donated to our local food pantry.  I just can’t bring myself to sit down and enjoy a thanksgiving meal knowing that other children and families will not be as fortunate.   Last year on Christmas morning while watching our children open their presents, it felt good knowing we helped 230 other children open presents through TheDOJO Toy Drive.  For many years I’ve explored this practice of mindful living.  This is what makes TheDOJO unique.  Parents of our students especially like best that their children have positive role models who live what they teach.

Leadership Training Taught at TheDOJO

Projected Based Leadership Training (PBLT) is an opportunity for experiential learning for children and adults.  PBLT is a practice of leadership, confidence, focused effort, execution and organization skills we teach at TheDOJO.  We take the qualities of the martial arts out of TheDOJO and into the world to make a difference.  Here are some ideas of others have done:  Tell others about the TheDOJO Toy Drive, Spread the word about TheDOJO Toy Drive on your social sites or shoot an email out to everyone you know, Set up a box for gathering donated toys at work, club, school or scout meeting.  I recently made a mere mention of the Toy Drive to a friend while conversing through email and that week they donated 3 toys!  I find most people want to perform acts of charity, especially when they know through a trusted friend or acquaintance their contribution goes where it is supposed to.  I personally really enjoy the spontaneity, creativity and synergistic cooperation I see students employ in executing these projects.

How To Donate to Toys for Tots this Holiday Season

Toys for Tots at TheDOJO-Donate New & Unwrapped Toys at TheDOJO 52 Park Ave Rutherford NJ 07070 from 3pm to 8pm Mondays to Thursdays and Saturdays from 9 am to 12 pm from now until December 17th. Make up your mind to make a difference this holiday season! 

  P.S. These photos are from last years toy drive, thank you to all!

  P.P.S Some of our other recent Projects…

This past fall we’ve collected and donated about 1,000 pounds of Halloween Candy for Operation Jersey Cares, who distributes the collected candy to military personal throughout the world, sort of sweet salute for Veterans Day.  This past summer marked our 9th year of TheDOJO Food Drive where we’ve raised 20,000 cans of food over that time.  TheDOJO, Unleashing Human Potential for over 40 Years!