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Our school TheDOJO is located at 52 Park Avenue in Rutherford NJ 07070 USA (Get Directions to TheDOJO HERE Google Maps). We are right next door to Dunkin' Donuts & Across The Street from The Williams Center. 

Our phone number is  (201) 933-3050.  (Under Construction) See a video tour of our school, here.

We teach young people —and we do it as good (and we think better) than anyone in town. On this website you’ll see just enough information to give you an idea of what we do —and the next step is to drop in or phone us, send us a note and feel free to ask us any questions we might not have yet answered.

The step after that is to either come watch a class and/or make an appointment for our Free Month Introductory Course. Once you and your child have gone through our introductory (like test-driving a car), you’ll know just about everything you need to know about us, including who is teaching, what’s being taught, and how much to budget for lessons. 

Fast Info:

(Under Construction)

See our Youtube “TV Show” here (lots of class footage, good for seeing us before we meet in person). 

Meet our staff here.

See our class schedule here.

Get directions to our school here.

Sign up for our free monthly self-defense 100-word newsletter “Safety Reminders for Busy Parents,” here. 

We believe children “defend themselves with their head,” and that knowledge and education are the ultimate forms of self-defense (next to kindness and contribution to others). If you’re looking for a martial arts school that emphasizes all the best things about the martial arts, welcome home.